Las Lagunas 1 – 4 Peña los Compadres

Half Time : 1-0
Final Score : 1-4
Goals : David, Alex, Ismael, Antonio Manzano

John, Sergio & León are invited to Málaga provincial trials

Juan García de la Casa, coach of the Málaga U12 has convened a training session on Monday 7th March at the Federation pitch in Málaga.  John, Sergio Esteban and León of Peña los Compadres are amongst the lads invited, so good luck to you, and play well!

Colchester United 2 – 2 Aldershot Town

The game comprised of 4 quarters of 20 minutes each. John played a total of about 50 minutes and left happy with his contribution to the game, a tightly contested 2-2 draw.
After his match, John was treated to a couple of hours in the VIP box at Colchester United to watch the first team play against Southampton. Unfortunately not a great result for Colchester who lost 0-2: Both teams are fighting to get higher up in the table to get in the play-offs and have a chance to fight for a place in the Premiership next season.

John is invited back to Colchester

John travelled to London on Thursday 3rd March to train and play in a match for Colchester United. No sooner had the plane landed, John headed straight to the academy for an intensive two hour training session in very cold weather, with his temporary colleagues, some of whom he had met last year. We hear that the training was very intense – after a session of practical drills and skills, they played a friendly 8 a-side match. The English game is much more physical, with strong tackles and more direct challenges. … good training to play against Manchester!  No doubt John will have very much enjoyed this experience and learnt a lot from his short time training with them.  On Saturday 5th March, John will play in a league game for Colchester Untied vs Aldershot Town at the University of Essex…. good luck, and play strong!
The facilities and coaches at the Colchester United Academy at Shrubs End are well known in the UK, where U12 train and play 9-aside on 3/4 pitches.  In March 2010 John was invited for the first time to train and play  match with them.

John, Sergio Esteban and León invited to Malaga trials

Juan García de la Casa, head coach of the Málaga Alevin team, invited 16 players from the Province to attend a training session at the Federation pitch in Málaga on 1st March 2011, including 3 members of the Peña los Comapdres team. Well done John, Sergio Esteban and León, who enjoyed the experience very much … good luck!

Finalists at the Día de Andalucía tournament held in Estepona

A lovely tournament in Estepona on 28th February, Día de Andalucía, a very sunny day with lots and lots of football…. the team left Marbella at 10:00h and didn’t get back until more than 12 hours later, when they got together for a pizza in Marbella to celebrate a great day of football and getting to the final.
The 8 competing Alevín teams were divided into two groups:
Group 1: AD Taraguilla, Guadiaro, Villa de los Barrios, Peña los Compadres
Group 2: Atl. Algecireño, Manilva CF, ADC Esteponense y Estepona CF

Guadiaro 1 – 6 Los Compadres (Sergio Esteban (3) David, Alex, Cristián)
Los Barrios 1 – 3 Peña los Compadres (Alex, Cristián, Sergio Esteban)
La Taraguilla 0 – 2 Peña los Compadres

Manilva 3 – 5 Peña los Compadres (Sergio Esteban (4), David)

La Taraguilla 1 – 0 Peña los Compadres

Los Compadres: León, Sergio Muñoz, Adri, John, Javi, Juanjo, Sergio Esteban, Alex, Cristián, David, José y  Stefan.
All the team took part in the 5 games played, including Cristian, José and Stefan who joined from the Alevín A/B teams. Everyone contributed to the journey to the final. Strong defense by Javi, and John, and a whole host of goals by Sergio Esteban (8 during the day), but the most noteable performance was put in by León, who protected his goal like never before, especially in the two matches played against La Taraguilla. Despite the tiredness that the lads were no doubt feeling, the final between Peña los Compadres and La Taraguilla was a fantastic spectacle. The Marbellis let a couple of good opportunities get away, and León made a couple of great saves, so the final result was a good reflection of this tightly contested match.  Well done to La Taraguilla… see you next time!

1267 keepie uppies – new record for John Wallace aged 11

John annihilates his previous record of 927 (October 2010) by doing 1,267 keepie uppies … a training practice that shows as much mental strength as physical…. Let’s keep counting, John!

With these boots and this football on 27th February, 2011

Peña los Comapdres 2 – 5 Benamiel

Unfortunately Compadres didn’t manage to improve on their first round match against Benamiel, losing 2-5 again.
Half time : 1-2
Final score : 2-5
Goals : Sergio Esteban (2)

Light training on the beach…

John scores against Portada Alta… again